Well-being is a broad concept, which is hard to narrow down.

We prefer the term atmosphere, which will get your guests in a good mood and add up to the joy of indulgence and consumption.

This way we create an aesthetic and acoustic situation for your customers and guests to feel that they are looked after well. Our Sound Consultants DJ HP Höger, DJ Waz, DJ Hoody, DJ Tom Deluxe and JT are well known far beyond Austrian borders.

Our Team

Roland Fugger


Esther Gezzele

Management Assistant

Izzy Scope

Sound Engineer

Gloria Reiter

Head of Sound

Ricardo Giovanini

Service & Support

David Stampfer

Sales Manager

Manuel R.

R & D IT Department

Wazac Martin

Sound Consultant

Manfred Lackmaier

Sound Consultant

HP Höger

Sound Consultant

DJ Hoody

Sound Consultant

Josef Trojer

Sound Consultant

Melinda Stoika

Sound Consultant