Sound-Design rather than background music

Music solutions for your enterprise

A business without music concept, playing carelessly chosen mainstream music in modest quality is no longer sufficient.

We at eartunes follow a way higher mission with our Sound-Design Music Solutions.

Only the proper sonic compilation will create a unique atmosphere within a company, a hotel.

Take RED Bull Hangar-7 at Salzburg airport for example. Visitors are being transferred into different spheres with futuristic sounds. The visual impressions are emphasized by these musical impulses and merge into a synthesis of the arts.

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3 steps to your individually arranged In-Store radio

Over time we have developed a precise understanding of our customers’ needs.

Our music specialists have impeccable sound competence. Thus, we don’t leave it to our business clients to choose out of hundreds of sound concepts.

We will present you several examples for your enterprise on the following page.

Subsequently, we will generate your individual 24/7 business radio

… what does your company sound like?

How do you define good music and when have you last listened to it closely?

To us, good music is the key difference. Your hotel and your business will stand out.

A breath of fresh air will fill your premises and an innovative Sound Design Concept will flatter your guests’ ears.

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